You've reached this page, so you probably know that there are numerous advantages for your fish when you grow live plants in your aquarium, in addition to the challenge and rewards of the plants themselves. These selected and organized links are what I consider the best basic and advanced information, vendors, hobbyists and useful references.

Basic Information to Get Started (and before you get started)

Aqua Botanic Information and sales 
Aquatic Concepts Information, including CO2 systems 
The Krib Essentials for the planted tank
Paul's Aquatic Plants Information with good pictures

See also the introductory articles at the Fish Boards


 In-Depth Articles and References

The Aquatic Gardeners Association
2001 AGA International Aquascaping Contest
2000 AGA International Aquascaping Showcase and Contest

Algae Control
Algae Page at the
Control of Algae in Planted Aquaria by P. Sears & K. Conlin
Algae Eating Cyprinids by Neil Frank and Liisa Sarakontu (identifying the SAE, false SAE and flying fox)
Algae in a Planted Tank by Chuck Gadd

Chart & Tables at for calculating your tank's CO2 concentration knowing your KH and pH
CO2  & Supplemental CO2 by Karen Randall
CO2 Injection by George Booth
CO2 Page at
Dave Gomberg's CO2 system and FAQ
DIY CO2 Injection: The Yeast Method -- a page
DIY CO2 Primer by Cathy Hartland
Measuring CO2 Levels in a Planted Tank by Chuck Gadd -- CO2 calculator
Pressurized CO2 Setup Reference photo with labels and description

 Fertilization & Nutrition
Control of Algae in Planted Aquaria Instructions for making PMDD
Excel (A non-CO2 carbon source) Q&A with SeaChem's director
Fertilizer Page at
Fertilizers: Ingredients & Comparison by Robert H.
NO3, K, Mg, PO4 Calculators by Chuck Gadd
Nutrient Deficiencies by Robert H.
Plant Nutrition
Part 1 & Part 2 by Karen Randall
Signs of Nutrient Deficiency by Chuck Gadd

Other Nutrients Post 1 and Post 2 by James Purchase

PMDD Ingredient Sources-- by Tim Mullins
PMDD Primer by Cathy Hartland
Recommended Nutrient Levels and Parameters by Tom Barr
Test Kit Primer by Jared Weinberger

Alternative Canister Techniques by R. T. Ricketts
Filtration and the Planted Tank by Karen Randall
Filtration Basics
by R. T. Ricketts  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

Artificial Lighting - by R. J. Sexton
Fluorescent Light Comparison by Hoa G. Nguyen 
Lightbulb Comparison by Ivo Busko
Lighting as a Function of Tank Size in the Aquaria of Takashi Amano by
John Fitch
Lighting for the Planted Tank by Karen Randall

Plants & Their Care
Care And Planting For Newly Acquired Plants by Karen Randall 
The Crypts Pages by Jan D. Bastmeijer 
The Planted Discus Tank by Karen Randall
"Pruning, Dividing and Propagating" by K. Randall Part 1 and Part 2
Paul's Aquatic Plants Propagation, profiles, pruning, planting and more
See also Karen Randall's online articles

The Aging Substrate by Karen Randall
Substrate Options by Karen Randall
Flourite, Gravel & PhosGuard Calculation

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants Univ. of Florida
Drinking Water Standards EPA limits for tapwater
Your Local Water Report EPA Office of Water
Water Utility Home Pages American Water Works Association
Fishless Cycling Revisited by Chris Cow 
Snail, Snails, Snails by Robert T. Ricketts
Tank Calculator & Unit Conversion
Test Kit Primer by Jared Weinberger

See also Karen Randall's online articles (below)

 On-Line Plant Databases

AquaPlant Dabase that indexes several sites
Aquatic Plant Index Database the Aquarium Pharmaaceutical's site
Aquatic Plant Search Engine by Soren "Disky" Reinke
Dennerle Database
Tropica Database and Plant sales, except for the U.S.

 Mailing List

Aquatic Plants List and Archive The mailing list for the advancing plant aquarist. Searchable Archives.


Aquarium Frontiers On-line includes "The Interactive Aquarist", superb articles by Karen Randall. Archive of back issues (see below).
AquaSource - Online Magazine for Aquarium Hobbyists
Practical Fishkeeping Online Magazine

 Associations &  Magazines

ADA (Aqua Design Amano) publishes Aqua Journal
Aquarium Fish Magazine runs a monthly column "Sunken Gardens" by Karen Randal
Aquatic Gardeners Association publishes The Aquatic Gardener
Dave Gomberg published Planted Aquaria Magazine and sells equipment

 Plant Boards and Newsgroup

Here you will find articles, databases, chat rooms and bulletin boards.

All Wet Thumb Community (Aqua Botanic)
Aquaria Central

Aquaria/Fish Forum
Aquatic Plant Central
My Fish Box
Tom's Place
Tropical Fish Centre
Newsgroup:  req.aquaria.freshwater.plants

 Other Websites of Interest

The Age of Aquariums
All Aquatic Plants
Aquabid - Plant Auction
Aquatic Plant Forum
Aquatics Unlimited - Shrimp & SAE
Bob Buettner's Freshwater Aquarium Links
Chuck's Planted Aquarium Pages
Hoa G. Nguyen's Freshwater Planted Aquarium
Nature Aquarium World
Steve's Aquatic Page


 Plants & Supplies

Please note that I have not dealt with all of the following. The
APD Archives may have customer comments.

Don't forget your local fish stores.

(Working links as of 6/28/06)

A H Supply - PC Lighting
Aqua Botanic Plants & Plant Supplies SAEs
Aquarium Center Plants & Supplies
Aquatic Plant Depot Plants Plants
Aquarium Driftwood Plants & Driftwood
Arizona Aquatic Gardens Plants & Supplies
Big Al's Online Supplies
Canadian Driftwood
Dave Gomberg CO2 Equipment, fertilizers
Drs. Foster & Smith Plants and Supplies
Eco Enterprises - Hydroponics
Eheim Parts Direct (USA only)
Everybody's Garden Center CO2, lights, Fertilzers CO2
Florida Driftwood Plants & Driftwood
Freshwater Aquarium Plants
Plants and fish
Homegrown Hydroponics - Equipment, PMDD
CO2 Equipment & Heating Cables

Kegworks CO2 Equipment
LampsNow Bulbs & lighting
Plant Guild CO2 Reactor, PMDD, Fish Trap
That Pet Place General
PetSmart General
Pet Solutions Plants and Supplies
Pet Warehouse Plants and Supplies

Rehoboth Aquatics Plants
Three Guys Aquatics Plants, PMDD, Supplies


Amano, Takashi Nature Aquarium World, Vols. 1-3 (Beautiful books for inspiration)

Amano, Takashi Aquarium Plant Paradise (More pictures with a bit of "how-to" information) 

James, Barry,
A Fishkeeper's Guide to Aquarium Plants (Nice small introductory volume)

Borman, Susan, R. Korth, and J. Temte,
Through the Looking Glass: A Field Guide to Aquatic Plants, Illustrations by Carol Watkins. 256 pp. 120 drawings 1998, University of Wisconsin Press (haven't seen this one)

Hiscock, Peter, Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants. Barron's Educational Series. 2003. (Note: Kasselmann takes issue with some of his advice)

Hiscock, Peter, Aquarium Plants (Mini Encyclopedia Series for Aquarium Hobbyists) (Basically reduced paperback version of above). Barron's Educational Series. 2005.

Kasselmann, Christel,
Aquarium Plants, Long-awaited English translation of a well-regarded German book. 2002, Krieger. ISBN: 1575240912

Kasselmann, Christel, Planted Aquariums. Creation and Maintenance. 2005, Krieger. ISBN: 1-57524-265-6. Smaller companion book the Aquarium Plants. Contains photos and plans of various layouts.

Rudiger Riehl, Hans A. Baensch Aquarium Atlas, Vols. 1-3 (Major fish & plant reference: text and pictures; vol. 2 has general information for planted tanks)

Rataj, K., T Horeman.
Aquarium Plants, Their Identification, Cultivation and Ecology (considered out-of-date in some regards)

Scheurmann Ines, Dennis W. Stevenson,
Aquarium Plants Manual. (Excellent first book.)

Tepoot, Paolo,
Aquarium Plants: The Practical Guide (Coffee-table book with large photos of many species; little text)

Terver, Denis, Manuel d'aquariologie vol 2, Les plantes 1ère partie General information

Terver, Denis,
Manuel d'aquariologie vol 3, Les plantes 2ème partie Species reference
Editoriales Pédagogique, Paris 1995

Walstad, Diana,
Ecology of the Planted Aquarium (Advanced; emphasis on a "low-tech" approach; much good information; can be ordered online)

 Karen Randall's superb Aquatic Horticulture Articles 

Welcome to the World of Aquatic Plants July 1997

Acorus, Alternanthera, Aglaonema, Ammannia Feb 1999
Anubias barteri April 1999
More Anubias May 1999
Aquatic Angiosperms Jan. 1999
Aponogeton July 1999
Bacopa, Barclaya, Blyxa Aug. 1999
Cabomba, Cardamine lyrata Sept. 1999
Care And Planting For Newly Acquired Plants May 1998
Ceratophyllum, Crassula, Crinum Oct. 99
CO2 Sept. 1997 Supplemental CO2 Oct. 1997
Cryptocoryne Jan. 2000
The Planted Discus Tank Sept. 1998
Aquatic Ferns -Part 1 Nov. 1998 Part 2 Dec. 1998
Filtration and the Planted Tank April 1998
Lighting for the Planted Tank March 1998
Liverworts and Mosses Oct. 1998
Lush Lawn Aug. 1997
Plant Nutrition Part 1 Nov. 1997 Part 2 Dec. 1997
Pruning, Dividing and Propagating. Part 1 June 1998 Part 2 July 1998
School Project Dec. 1999
The Aging Substrate Feb. 1998
Substrate Options for the Planted Tank Jan. 1998
Terminology Aug. 1998


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